Sociologist. Member of the Prisons’ European Observatory since 2013 and researcher at CIES-IUL Center for Research and Sociology Studies, having participated in research projects, which include Detention Conditions in Europe, Alternatives to Prison in Europe, Strategies for deradicalization in prisons – risk assessment programs and tools in Europe. He is co-author of publications and scientific papers on prisons and human rights. He is currently responsible for the social area of the “Lado P” project, which has been taking place in the Prison of Caxias since 2019, financed by the PARTIS program of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.[15:51, 13/10/2020] Ana Guerreiro: Since 2019 works at the CIG – Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality with the functions of senior technician at the Center for Domestic Violence / Gender.