Gender equality is today internationally acclaimed as a matter of fundamental human rights, social justice and as a fundamental value for the development of a more sustainable and fair society. The III Edition of the Symposium on Gender and Prison Culture (SIGeP2022) proposes to refocus this debate on the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

 The intertwining between, on the one hand, gender-based inequalities and discriminations and, on the other hand, poverty and social exclusion, crime and imprisonment contexts as multidimensional phenomena are known and documented, but much remains to be done to overcome inequalities and promote a more comprehensive, fair and equitable global development

 SIGeP2022 is open to all and different disciplinary views of imprisonment from a gender perspective in the social order, with a special focus on the treatment of gender in a multidisciplinary construction of human rights. 

 It therefore welcomes proposals that substantiate descriptive studies on theoretical, methodological or social research issues in general, as well as research with an empirical character.

SIGeP2022 will allow researchers, academics, students, professionals and policy makers, along with reflection on gender issues and prison culture at an international level, to articulate the axes of research and intervention in different prison systems, reflect on good practices and methodologies within the scope of the intervention with inmate population and that lead to the improvement of national policies, reflect on the influence of gender in these systems, knowing the different intervention policies sensitive to gender, promote networking among professionals and specialists in this area, developing research networks and good practices responsive to gender.