3rd International Symposium on Gender and Prison Culture (SIGeP2022) proposes to develop access to scientific development and dissemination. In this sense it is made possible to the participants of the event the publication in book/s (e-book/s) indexed in one of the largest database worldwide and easily identified by the DOI system, also facilitating the access to scientific journals partnerships of the event of publication with impact level/indexation minimum, through fast-track processes.

It is the responsibility of the interested parties to confirm the information regarding the level of impact of the publication as well as the selection of the partner journal to publish. The organization only makes available the submission channel in the most advantageous conditions for the participants of the event.

Proceedings Book

 In partnership with the publisher JUS.XXI, the SIGeP2022 introduces the Proceedings Book of the third edition.Its validity is conferred by the ISBN and indexed by the DOI system. Here you can find gathered all the abstracts approved and presented in the event.

Thematic Monograph/Proceedings/Annals/E-book

In partnership with the publisher JUS.XXI, the SIGeP presents a Thematic Monograph of the third edition. This one, with the validity conferred by the affixing of the publication’s ISBN and indexing in the DOI system, compiles all the complete articles proposed by the authors, entered and triggered in the event.


Fast-Track is commonly based on partnerships between journals and scientific events. As the final publication of the event depends on the interest and action of the participants, after submission in the modality available here and as an evaluation by the Scientific and Organizing Committee, the articles will be sent to the journal(s), which undertakes the evaluation articles indicated for publication promptly, considering the previous evaluation.

Evaluation Process and Scientific Validity of the Presented and Published Papers

All the publications of the event have the scientific validity that is conferred by the rigorous system of review by blind peers (double-blind peer-review) of all the works, by the affixation of European ISBN (International Standard Book Number) of the publication with official registration and indexing of the publication in the system DOI (Digital Object Identifier) that registers any type of digital archive, which, once catalogued, has a permanent link of the published digital document accessible quickly and widely and is also the indispensable element for the aggregation of the scientific content (per e-book and per chapter/article) in repositories and main indexing platforms.

The aggregation of publications in indexing systems is a priority of the event and all efforts will be made to make it happen, despite the lengthy and even complex processes of aggregation of scientific content in some of these systems. The organization cannot guarantee a certain deadline for this to happen, and this aggregation of scientific content may occur at any time.

The review of quality and relevance of all submitted papers, as well as the organization structure, are subject to detailed opinion of the Scientific Committee of the event. However, the submission of full papers to Scientific and Academic Journals is not excluded from the review and evaluation procedures of these journals.

Any person who is an author of papers published in the scope of the event is hereby authorized to deposit his/her articles, chapters or even the proceedings book itself in institutional repositories in his/her Institutions.

The commercialization of any scientific product is limited to the authorization of the Organization of the event. To clarify and protect intellectual property rights, Creative Commons Licenses are attributed to publications under the scope of the event, so the use of third-party material is only authorized with the respective legal consent, which must be obtained by the authors responsible for submitting the work.